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ANOR VA PIEZ Salad - SALAD AND ONION pomegranate seeds
2 onions medium size, 1 large pomegranate, a pinch of salt
 Finely chopped onions 2-3 times rinse in hot water, discard in a colander. Peel of sour pomegranate varieties of seeds from juiced, other grains mixed with onions, put in a salad bowl, pour the sour juice squeezed. To decorate the salad with white onion cut outlet, and, filling them with pomegranate seeds, put in the middle. At the edges put onion rings. One of the oldest deli fed mainly to pilaf, shish kebab and other meat dishes as a garnish.
 NUHOT SHURVA - Pea soup with MEAT
300 g of soaked peas, 300 grams of meat, 1 onions, 1 potato, 2 carrots, bay leaf, 0.5 beam greens (dill, cilantro), salt and pepper - to taste.
On the eve bust peas (preferably nuhat - a local variety of peas), soaked in cold water. The next day, when the peas are well swells, make soup with meat broth. Lamb or beef cut into slices, chop bones, so that when cooked well stood the fat and cook over low heat, along with peas, carrots and onions, respectively, cut into cubes and chopped rings, and clean the potatoes and put the whole at the end of cooking. At the end of cooking, put the bay leaf and season with salt. Ready to pour the soup into Casa, sprinkle with chopped herbs, ground pepper to file separately.


Election in following convocation of parliament of two houses RUz and change of the constitutional term of appointment of President RUz with five years' on the seven-year. «The law is passed About results of a referendum and main principles of the organisation of the government» (VIII session Oly Mazhlisa, on April, 4-5th, 2002). On H sessions Oly Mazhlisa (on December, 12-13th, 2002) have been passed Republic Uzbekistan Laws «About Republic Uzbekistan Senate Oly Mazhlisa», «About Legislative chamber Oly Mazhlisa of Republic Uzbekistan» («the East Truth», 2002, 27 see, on December, 28th) which were base for entering of respective alterations and additions into the Republic Uzbekistan Constitution. XI session OHM RUz (on April, 24th, 2003), having passed of the Constitutional Law «About modification and additions in the Republic Uzbekistan Constitution» («the East Truth» see, on May, 2003,22th), thereby has even more strengthened legal base. The made changes concern basically XVIII-XX, XXIII chapters V of section.


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