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Kyrgyzstan tours:    
When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be told about introduction. We are always ready to organize affordable tours in Kyrgyzstan according to your wishes. If you want to learn more about tours in Kyrgyzstan, you are free to visit our website. Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Travelers likes travelling in Kyrgyzstan, because of wonderful Tian Shan mountains! They are one and only! In your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will see that almost most of the country is covered by mountains and surrounded by the Tien Shan mountains. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will have opportunity to try such attractions as trekking, hiking and enjoying the unspoiled nature. We recommend you to visit the perfect Issyk-Kul lake in your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Coming here, you will be impressed by all kinds of winter sports and take a part in Kyrgyz national game - Kok Boru, which is used to be in the list the World Nomad Games. We will be happy to see you in Kyrgyzstan! 

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Tajikistan tours 

Tajikistan tours:
Tajikistan is a tour destination which is interesting for travelers who seek an authenticity. We are convinced that if you decide to travel around Tajikistan, you will never regret about this decision. Because every corner of this beautiful country is very special. Here you may learn the history on the remains of sites, determine the culture and traditions of locals and most importantly take joy in observing mountains, lakes and rivers. Tajikistan will amaze you with its indescribable beauty. On your tour to Tajikistan you will admire with your own eyes glorious Pamir mountains - Roof of the World.

Welcome to your incredible tour to Tajikistan! 

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Turkmenistan tours 

Turkmenistan tours:
Turkmenistan is a country that is quite isolated from the rest of the world. But as we all know what is hidden always attracts more. This is a human being. So we invite you to this tour destination full of secrets and unknown things.

Turkmenistan tour attractions interesting to travelers are: Darwaza gas crater, Yangikala canyons, Kow Ata, Ancient Merv, Kunya Urgench, Turkmenbashi, Old Nisa and of course, the pride of Turkmen people - the capital city Ashgabat.

We are ready to help you to choose the most fitting itinerary of your tour and make your travel truly unforgettable! In this tour packages selection you can find the standard offers. But we can modify them adjusting to your wishes. 

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Uzbekistan tours 

Uzbekistan Tours:
Uzbekistan is a real depository of historical buildings that are the best examples of the finest architectural art. Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand - every city has so many tour monuments and you just plunge into another world. The world of khans, conquerors and outstanding philosophers, caravans on the Great Silk Road, remarkable mosques and mausoleums...It is impossible to describe it all on one page.

So we suggest to discover your own Uzbekistan! Learn the tour programs offered on our website and choose the one that you like the most. Or another decision is to write us and we will design a tour itinerary that will be perfect for your future travel in Uzbekistan. 

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Silk Road Tours 

Silk Road Tours:
Central Asia region is a key tour destination to discover the secret of the Great Silk Road. Visiting ancient sites, remains of former cities and mausoleums, observing the paths along which caravans once passed, feeling the specific atmosphere of bazaars - business card of Eastern culture - all of these are tour activities that are worth to experience during your travel to Central Asia.

Just in combination that the whole image comes. In combination of Silk Road countries. They have so many common things but they are not similar at all.

We have a great pleasure to invite you to the world of Silk Road tours! 

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