Yurt in Kyrgyzstan

People in Kyrgyzstan used to have a nomadic way of life. They used to live in yurts in their past. They didn't want to disturb pristine nature of Kyrgyzstan and that is why didn't build towns and cities. Their home was a circular yurt that is easy to gather and to dissemble. It was necessary as there were strong winds and a round construction without a single nail or metal was great to face this in Kyrgyzstan. The word means "the people" from Turkic language and symbolizes all nomadic people. The circle of the yurt in Kyrgyzstan symbolizes also the family and can gather about 15 people in it. People of Kyrgyzstan were travelling with their yurts from pasture to pasture. Yurts may be taken apart and together for 30 minutes or 3 hours. There are rules that must be followed in the yurt during tours in Kyrgyzstan: food must be tasted and you will not leave the yurt before finishing it.

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