Year periods and characteristic weather

Every day of the year, Kyrgyzstan is blessed with sunshine and moderate temperatures - if not hot ones. Everyone should become familiar with the weather and seasons before arranging tour or renting a car. The altitude affects the temperature. Mountainous terrain surrounds the city, which has no access to the sea or the ocean.

Lowland summer is one of the hottest times of the year, and it begins in the middle of May. Finally, the rains arrive in late September. During the summer months, Kyrgyzstan's car rent is at its most active. Travelers to Kyrgyzstan should be aware that temperatures in the mountains can be cold. On average, temperatures in the summer vary from +28 to +30 degrees. 

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From the end of September through the beginning of November, you'll find autumn. These days, the air is chilly and predictable at this time of year. After months of dreadful weather, it's finally here! It gets colder at the top of the hill. -2°C (28°F) is the minimum temperature, with a temperature range of +25°C to +9°C (78°F). Temperatures fluctuate throughout the year.

In the mountains, winter is the coldest time of year. It's snowing a lot in Kyrgyzstan at this time of year, resulting in a lot of precipitation. Visitors to Kyrgyzstan's mountains are more likely to rent a car at this time of year. From +4 to -7 degrees (20-degrees Fahrenheit), with the lowest temperature being -15 degrees. We'd love for travelers to take a tour or rent a car to get around.