Spike Pobeda

Pobeda is one among the country's many high peaks, but we'd like to focus on it for the time being. At 7439 meters, it was previously the highest point in the Soviet Union. Travelers from Kyrgyzstan are constantly informed about new sites across the world while using their tour and car rent services. The Zvezdochka Glacier can be seen from here. According to a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan, the mountain's Chinese name is Tomur Peak. P. Semyonov, an investigator, misspelled the peak's name, contributing to the mountain's unusual history.

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He understood he had ascended to Khan Tengri's level. As a result, Khan Tengri has been associated with both mountains at various points in time. Pobeda was given to the peak in honor of WWII soldiers (Pobeda). Climbers and teams from all around the world tried their luck at scaling the cliffs. We can conclude from these statistics that a large proportion of projects failed owing to inclement weather. Our company specializes in car rent excursions in Kyrgyzstan, allowing you to visit the country's most beautiful and remote locations on a tour.