Our company team is ready to tell you about interesting facts of Kyrgyzstan and an overview of such a wonderful country. Before you go on a tour, you will need to study everything in more detail. Tours in the company are usually organized by highly qualified specialists who work in experienced travel agencies. 

Such agencies have been around for quite a long time, which means that this work should be important. Agencies have a huge experience and have already existed for many years, their work is especially important in providing you with comfort. They can provide you with interesting details and advise you on how to make a tour, how to arrive in Kyrgyzstan and how to leave it.

Our love for work is accompanied by care for tourists, their tours, and excellent service. Our company is very honored by our country as well as the universe in general. The company has a large selection of rental cars according to your preferences, which you can use for your tours. Our team is happy to provide you with various trips, tours, with different types of difficulty levels, and of course with various attractions that you prefer to visit.

Tourists in our country are most attracted to all-wheel drive cars. For this reason, you can visit the most remote areas, enjoy the beauty of the scenery, see villages and mountain passes with car rent. Since the roads in the mountains are not in very good condition, we advise you to choose a great car for the tour, such as a jeep.

The country of Kyrgyzstan is very beautiful and famous all over the world for its mighty mountains. In this area, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, Hiking or horse riding. In the mountain rivers you can enjoy rafting. During the tours, you will have a unique opportunity to talk with local residents, learn about their everyday life, and see people living at a height. Tourists will be able to experience the hospitality of the local population and see the magnificent scenery, mountains with excellent car rent service. Tourists spend the night in guest houses or yurts. The first ones are designed to enjoy comfort, and the second ones are designed to experience traditional life. If a tourist spends the night in a Yurt, it means that they also have dinner there. The rarest are toilets with showers in the mountains that are located on the street. As soon as you contact our company, we will be able to provide you with tours with complete comfort and safety.