Peak Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan

Peak Pobeda is the highest mountain in Kyrgyzstan that travelers can explore during the tours with rented cars. Peak Pobeda is the highest point of the Tien Shan, whose height is 7439 m, it borders with China and in the past was considered the highest point of the Soviet Union.

Travelers during the tours with rented cars in Kyrgyzstan are notified of the addition of sections bordering the peak. Here tourists traveling on the territory of the mountain can see the Zvezdochka glacier. By the way, from the Chinese side, the mountain is called peak Tomur. Tourists rent cars for the tour and, while traveling, investigate the history of the peak, and learn that the explorer P. Semenov mistook its name. Researcher Semenov thought it was peak Khan Tengri. And it so happened because of this erroneous opinion that both peaks at different times were called Khan Tengri. The peak was named peak Pobeda in 1946 in honor of the victory in World War II. Many climbers, both alone and with teams, tried to climb to the top, but this did not always end in success, since people have no control over the weather. The weather can generally get worse at any time. Our tours with rented cars are a way for travelers to see all the picturesque places of Kyrgyzstan.

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