Manas arrangement

Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country with interesting historical and cultural attractions, where guests of the country can enjoy the scenery and also learn facts about them. During the tours, you have the chance to visit one of the most interesting places in the country, which is called the Manas complex, and also learn interesting information about it. The complex is located 22 km from the city of Talas, in Tash-Aryk and is ready to show you interesting views. Our team wants to offer you a car rental service so that customers can explore nature with pleasure.

The complex itself also has another name known as "Manas Ordo", and you can enjoy exploring it. The territory of the complex is 2.25 km2. Our guests of Kyrgyzstan will be able to see the territory of the complex, wander around it and also explore that the complex was built in honor of the hero of Manas. And you have a great opportunity to rent a car and see the beautiful scenery. Gumbez you can find out was put in honor of the heroes of Kyrgyzstan.

You can also find out that the complex was created in 1334 during your tours of Kyrgyzstan. There is a legend that says that this place was the place where the daughter of the Emir Abuki was buried. People wanted to protect the complex from enemies and installed around it warriors made of stone and called balbals.