Lenin Peak

If you travel in Kyrgyzstan, we would like you to visit most outstanding mountains including Lenin Peak. It is considered to be the famous peak among travellers. We would like you to travel in Kyrgyzstan and see the highest peak in all of Central Asia of 7134 meters above sea level. In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you are going to get experience by mountain climbing. We suggest you to be in a good physical shape in your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Our company is ready to organize safety tour in Kyrgyzstan and meet all you requirements in your trip. It is important to note that, if you cannot reach the Golden Ice Picker, you are free to try the power of the mountain from the Achik-Tash base camp which is situated in Osh city. We are sure; you will like it in your tour in Kyrgyzstan.