Kyrgyz Rivers

There are 40 000 rivers and streams in Kyrgyzstan. These rivers are estimated to cover 150,000km of the territory of Kyrgyzstan and drain 47km3 of water annually. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will visit some of rivers that are created due to melting, rainfalls. Streams may be seen only at high altitudes and impossible to be mounted during tours in Kyrgyzstan. Rivers are used as a mean of rafting and canoeing tour in Kyrgyzstan.

River Naryn is 535 km and it is the longest one in Kyrgyzstan. The river is created out of Big and Little Naryn rivers. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it will be known that it flows in Toktogul reservoir, passes Fergana valley to flow into the Aral Sea. Aral Sea now is in danger because of Uzbekistan cotton farming productions. Also it is the mean of hydroelectric power generation of Toktogul reservoir.

River Talas is known to be the one to suffer in Kyrgyzstan in 751 due to Chinese defeat from the West. But it let the secrets of silk and paper production to be known. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be introduced to the Chui river in the north. In the Naryn region it passes the east of the Kyrgyz range, the Boom gorge to be lost in Kazakhstan. The river Sary Jaz starts at the massif Khan Tengri to flow to China. In Kyrgyzstan there was suggested to create a road to cross the border through the valley. And for you to note, tours in Kyrgyzstan made on this river are only for professionals with experience and fitness preparation. The river Chatkal is seen in Kyrgyzstan to start in a distant valley in the west of the country to flow to Uzbekistan. It borders the 120km long mountain range and was the mean of rafting in Kyrgyzstan up to Uzbekistan. Now border regime is severely and it is difficult to organize a tour for guests of Kyrgyzstan.

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