Kyrgyz Lenin Peak

Being in Kyrgyzstan not for the first time you know that the Peak Lenin is one of the most famous tops of Kyrgyzstan. Our company suggests to rent a car with a driver and without a driver. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan many mountaineers have a desire to vault the highest peak in Central Asia - 7134 m above sea level. Kyrgyzstan with an abundance of mountains gives amazing opportunities to witness picturesque views from great altitudes. But even highly experienced mountaineers find difficulties to vault this 7134 m mountain. High in mountains of Kyrgyzstan there are extreme weather circumstances. Those who come here just for pleasure of having rest can admire of the beauties of a mountain being in the base camp Achik-Tash in Osh in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Travelling in mountain of Kyrgyzstan you should be very careful as weather is severe there. Tours in mountains must be made under supervision of specialists. Contact our managers for more information about Kyrgyzstan and car rent tours in our country. We can help you to choose a tour program in Kyrgyzstan in accordance with your wishes, we will take into account your point of view. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, we are sure you will get the best service from our company.