Kyrgyz History

Kyrgyzstan has an interesting and breath-taking history. Kyrgyzstan is known to be a mountain country with Tien Shan Mountains surrounding since ancient times. There were a lot of different investigators travelling in Kyrgyzstan who gave various versions about the country. But anyway Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan were and still are the legend of the globe. But investigations of Pyotr Semyonov gave new information about mountains of Kyrgyzstan in the 19th century. He travelled in Tien Shan mountains and was making notes of all peculiar features of Kyrgyzstan itself. For that he was given a title Tien-Shanskiy by the tsar. He was not the only investigator of mountains of Kyrgyzstan; the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang in the 7th century BC travelled along southern edges of Tien Shan. The monk described mountains of Kyrgyzstan as the ones covered with snow and ice, without sun shining. He said that it is heavily snowing in summer and in spring as well; wind is blowing severely. Tours in Kyrgyzstan had been made by Marco Polo with his father and uncle in 1273. They investigated Kyrgyzstan and also gave an account about the country and its outskirts.

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