Kyrgyz Hiking in Ala Archa gorge

Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country and it gives great opportunities for those who are in love with mountains, and hiking in the gorge Ala Archa is a great option. One of great opportunities to visit Kyrgyzstan is the gorge Ala Archa. In 41km from Bishkek at the altitude of 1600-4800m above sea level there is a picturesque gorge Ala Archa. You can rent a car and drive to your destination. During a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can witness a 22 km2 park. Local residents of Kyrgyzstan also tend to visit the gorge especially near the river. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan and visiting the lower reaches of the river of the park you may see paths leading to the Ak-Sai glacier. To reach the glacier in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will pass the Ratzek's hut. It is a base camp for mountaineers. For travellers in Kyrgyzstan it is possible to make tents in the hut and then continue to vault tops of the gorge.

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