Kyrgyz Glaciers

Kyrgyzstan is a country of high-altitude mountains and glaciers. At high altitude it does not melt and snow is falling all the time. Glaciers do not melt and are created of sheets of ice. It is impossible to make tours in Kyrgyzstan at such altitudes. Valleys of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan are seen as "Ice Rivers" that move at a rate of 3 and 40 cm a day. Shape, size, thickness depends on the rate. Those mountaineers who decided to vault glaciers  may be caught by freshly blowing snow. 800 glaciers of Kyrgyzstan are permanent. They are estimated to cover  8100 km2 of the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The figures are: 30% of total area of Kyrgyzstan are snowy territories and 4% are glaciers.

Enilchek Glacier of two sides - Northern and Southern is a famous glacier of Kyrgyzstan. Such glaciers as the Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park are free to be visited in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan as are located not far from Bishkek. Glaciers in a whole comprise 580 billion m3 of water and can cover Kyrgyzstan at 3 m deep.

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