Kyrgyz Folklore show

There are various opportunities for travelers in Kyrgyzstan to visit folklore show. First to note, folklore in Kyrgyzstan estimates ritual songs and lyrics, fairy tales and myths with legends. There is a famous myth about emergence of people in Kyrgyzstan: it tells that forty girls got pregnant due to foamy water. Than they gave birth to 40 tribes. That is why the word "Kyrgyz" transmits "Kirk" and "Kyz", which means "forty" and "girl."

Folklore in Kyrgyzstan is connected with musicality of people. And music takes roots at the division of songs and kuu. Kuu is represented by all musical instruments: komuz, kyyak, chopo choor.

Akyns are the essential part of folklore in Kyrgyzstan as they make an improvisation of different songs without musical accompaniment. Manashi retell the famous pieces of art of Kyrgyzstan. They use different intonations and emphasis. The retelling of the epic may be for several days or weeks. Being in Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to visit the folklore show in Bishkek by professional musicians for 100$ per a group and in the village Kochkor by local musicians for 50$.

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