Kyrgyz Fauna

Fauna in Kyrgyzstan is as rich as flora. Animals live at different altitudes in mountains of Kyrgyzstan. If you start a tour in Kyrgyzstan on your own, be extremely careful with wild animals. At the height of 3,400 and 3,800 m marmots, mountain voles and field voles live. With every altitude in Kyrgyzstan animals change, you can meet brown bears, hares, wild rams, and mountain goats. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will see that such animals as alpine choughs, red-bellied redstarts, rock pigeons, partridges, golden eagles, falcons, hawks, and buzzards and bullfinches live in such places. Birds in Kyrgyzstan are caught for hunting. They are taken for a wild nature not forever, which means they are not fully domesticated. Also, there are rare animals in Kyrgyzstan - Marco Polo sheep, red deer, lynx, and snow leopards. They are at the brink of disappearance. Local residents of Kyrgyzstan are doing their best to save the animals and not to let them disappear.

Tours in Kyrgyzstan are made with guests of the country to treat well the fauna of the country. Information about rules and the way how to live in Kyrgyzstan you may find on our website. At the same time managers of our company will always inform you about all details of car rent. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, the country of picturesque nature, rich flora and fauna. We are glad to meet you here and help you to feel home in Kyrgyzstan! Rent a car for best time!