Kyrgyz Eagle hunting

Eagle hunting is rather popular in Kyrgyzstan. This is an activity started the existence in 12th-13th centuries. Those who could afford a horse and an eagle were very prosperous. Those who do eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan are known to be berkutchi and they had always been respected for providing meat and fur. The hunting in Kyrgyzstan is made with the help of golden eagles, with golden feathers on their backs. Also, eagles are the ones to be used in Kyrgyzstan in the process of competitions to show abilities and skills. Not everyone could become berkutchi, as knowledge were going from generation to generation. Berkuts hunt in Kyrgyzstan hares, foxes and lynx. They are not fully domesticated and after 20 years are released in nature of Kyrgyzstan. Eagles live for 40-50 years. Pairs that eagles create are eternal. For you to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan and witness eagle hunting it is necessary to be here in October. Hunters train berkuts, falcons and hawks. Also, eagle demonstrations are held in Kyrgyzstan, in Issyk Kul and Naryn regions. In the course of a tour you can visit the demonstration and pay 100$ per a group.

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