Kyrgyz Burana

First we offer to rent a car in order to get safe routes. You can do it with a driver or without a driver. There are a lot of amazing sites and highlights in Kyrgyzstan and the first to note is Burana. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is advised to visit the Chui valley as in 60 km from Bishkek it is located. The name of the tower is translated from Turkic as minaret. In the ancient city Balasagun up to the medieval era the minaret was considered to be the highest in the whole Central Asia. Built in the 11th century it was 45 m high, in the 13th century it was conquered and damaged by Genghis Khan, in the 15-16th centuries it disappeared and until the 19-20th centuries travellers of Kyrgyzstan were investigating ruins of it. Archeologists of the Soviet Union revealed ruins and some of things found were given to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. There are a lot of guests of the country who choose the minaret as one of must-visited-sites in Kyrgyzstan.

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