Kyrgyz Arslanbob

Arslanbob is the largest natural forest in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. It spreads over 6 080 km2 of walnut forests. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan and being in 80km north of Jalal Abad visit the forest. It is well-known that fruitful trees of the forest are estimated to be about 1000 years old. 30 meters trees give you an impression of greatness during your travel tours in Kyrgyzstan. About 1,5 thousand tons of walnut are gathered annually. Arslanbob is famous for Big and Small waterfalls at the altitude of 2200m above sea level. These waterfalls are 80 and 35m high and are ones of the most visited sites in Kyrgyzstan. The lake Kel-Mazar and the mountain Babash-Ata present the mystery that makes pilgrimages to come every year. It is better to rent a car and drive to all remote sites.

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