We are glad to make a short introduction of Kyrgyzstan! Our company can provide car rent services for you to travel around Kyrgyzstan. For your convenience we are ready to make a tour of your desires and more information you may find on our website. First to know, Kyrgyzstan has the official name of the Kyrgyz Republic. Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country and is surrounded by Tien Shan mountains. Mountain location gives opportunities for trekking, hiking. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are also organized with taking into account nature to be seen by guests of the country. It is highly recommended to visit Issyk Kul lake and bare in mind that Issyk Kul is a flawless lake. It is possible to do different kinds of sport every season of the year in Kyrgyzstan. People of Kyrgyzstan are also known all over the globe for their hospitality to guests and for hold World Nomad Games.

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