Highways of the country

As soon as you've chosen your selection, you'll want to plan your tour to Kyrgyzstan well. You might be interested in renting a car while on a tour. You may rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, although public transportation and taxis are other options.

For your convenience, cars are driven on the left side of the road. People who are right-handed are less frequent than those who are left-handed. Public transportation in the city is accessible for each individual passenger for a total of 10 hours. The value of one US dollar is expected to be about 85 som. The most frequent cars utilized by marsrutkas are Mercedes Sprinters (minibus). Keep an eye out for the Yutong buses, which cost 8 som.

Depending on the day and destination of the tour, it costs between 100 and 130 som to go there, plus an extra 50 to 100 som. It's not unusual for a taxi driver to work for many companies. Private drivers, on the other hand, are far more costly.

Participants on the tour have the option of renting a range of cars. It's as simple as getting in touch with us by e-mail or phone and expressing your wish to travel across Kyrgyzstan. Our team also devised the concept for Kyrgyzstan. Because driving over the mountains is difficult, a 4x4 is the best way to reach remote areas. On behalf of our team, we'd like to make the following offers.

01-04 persons - Mitsubishi Delica
05-10 persons - Mercedes Sprinter
11-25 persons - 2 Mercedes Sprinter
25 and more - big bus (Neoplan, Setra, Yutong)

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