Highlands in Kyrgyzstan

Travelers should familiarize themselves with Kyrgyzstan's mountains before embarking on their tour. A car rent in Kyrgyzstan will need you to drive across the mountains because the country is made up of mountain ranges. Peaks, gorges, and valleys are all part of mountain chains.

Travelers may learn about Kyrgyzstan's climate and explore some of the country's remote alpine regions when they rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour. Most mountains are at or above 1000 meters above sea level, with 71 % of them above 2000 meters.

Highlands In Kyrgyzstan, kyrgyzstan tours. 

Located in Central Asia, Tien Shan Mountain Range is the biggest mountain range in the region. While our border guards are aware of the Tien Shan Range's presence in our country, they do not know how much of it is actually in our country. Ranges in the north and west are separated from those in the east and central ranges and those in the interior ranges. The glacier's land is also being taken. In addition, the Pobeda and Khan Tengri peaks are above 7000 meters high. Tours and car rent in Kyrgyzstan will take you to 23 mountains with elevations over 6000 meters.