Glacier peaks

We are regarded to be the premier travel company with a wide choice of options, allowing us to show visitors the country's glaciers on Kyrgyzstan tours. Professional guides and drivers, as well as experienced managers, are ready to plan the ideal tour for you based on your personal needs and desires as well as to rent a car.

Mountains, rivers, lakes, and glaciers abound in Kyrgyzstan. These are massive ice sheets that never melt and are found high in the mountains, where the temperature is always below freezing. It is difficult to travel to these locations since it is always snowing. "Ice Rivers" are glacier valleys, some of which may be visited on a tour based on a car rent. In all, there are around 800 glaciers in Kyrgyzstan, which cover 30% of the country's land area.

As a participant in a tour arranged by us, boarders will learn that Enilchek Glacier, which is separated into Northern and Southern halves, is one of the most popular glaciers. Glaciers like the Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park may be observed all over the nation as part of the car rental Kyrgyzstan service's inquiry.


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