Elevations in Kyrgyzstan

As you are going to travel in Kyrgyzstan, we recommend taking the car for renting, as it is presented with the mountains, covering almost all of the territory. This means the tour organized here is going to be covering the sites of peaks, gorges and valleys, as there are ranges along which just rented cars can drive, not public transport for example.

In the course of the tour taken in Kyrgyzstan guests can view the idea of climate, as well as of the location of remote sites based high in the mountains. Here the altitudes present us about 94% being about 1000m, and 71% about 2000m above sea level.

As you know, our country is presented mostly by the Tien Shan mountains, with the chains and ranges covering the sites of entire Central Asia. Invitees are going to be able to view about 2/3 of the Tien Shan Range system in the country. That is why we would like to note that mountains of the country make a division into Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner ranges. Also here there are glaciers, some of which impossible to be reached. But we are glad to show the view of Enilchek Glacier, being the highest one. It is popular for the highest peaks as Pobeda and Khan Tenri, about 7000m. The country is also seen as the home of 23 peaks being 6000m. Be sure to travel in our country with the help of our team.