7 days tour 5

Day 1: Bishkek - Issyk Kul Lake
Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains, lakes and just hospitable people. Today drivers take you from Manas International Airport on cars for rent for showing such sightseeing as Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. It is not going to be long as then guests are going to travel to Issyk Kul. This is the lake at the height of 1608m above sea level, with many thought of it being curative. The fact is that it is salty, due to it never freezes. The way is laid along Burana Tower, where people can walk and witness the minaret of the 11th century surrounded by balbals. Night will be in the hotel.

Day 2: Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol
Continuing a tour in Issyk Kul we are going to travel to Karakol. It is known for the Dungan mosque and Orthodox Church. Both locations of Kyrgyzstan are made without metal and nails. At the same time these territories are famous for 2000years old petroglyphs which were written by shamans of the territory here. Night will be in the hotel. 

Day 3: Karakol - Altin Arashan - Karakol
This region is rather rich for sightseeing. So than we get to Altin Arashan Gorge. It means "Golden Spa" with lots of fir trees and just splendid gorges and valleys where it is possible to wander. The gorge can also be used for hiking, but look for your time. Night will be in the hotel after delicious dinner in local restaurant.

Day 4: Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Kochkor  
Here we come to Jeti Oguz gorge. This gorge is interesting from the point of view of the appearance. It means 7 bulls in translation so that really looking like the bulls standing in a row. Near it there is a Broken Heart Mountain. It is one of the mountains which can be easily reached, in 20 minutes. From the top we can see gorgeous panorama. Then guests are in Bokonbaeva village and witness the eagle-hunting show. Night will be at locals.                                                                                               

Day 5: Kochkor - Tash Rabat
Probably you have heard of the prison of the past built in the very mountain. This is Tash Rabat Caravanserai. In the past it was standing just on the way of the Great Silk Road. At the same time it is also named as Stone Castle, basically created in the 14th century. It is located at the height of 3200m above sea level, with 1m thick walls and 31 cells for sentenced people. It was impossible to be escaped. Night will be in the yurt near the castle. 

Day 6: Tash Rabat - Kochkor - Bishkek
As we get back to Bishkek, guests deserve seeing some other places before getting back. This day our visitants communicate with the local people of Kochkor village. These people are glad to see new people here, the foreigners as they strongly love showing the process of felt creation and then its usage in carpets and clothes creation. They can make various decorations from silver or with different pictures of animals for example. Night will be in the hotel on arriving to Bishkek.

Day 7: Flight
Morning transfer to airport.  


02 pax - Mitsubishi Delica
04-10 pax - Mercedes Sprinter


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