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Trekking Kazakhstan: Round 012
Mission: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 8 days

1. You will arrive at the airport, and your guide will meet you. You will be accompanied in Almaty city. Then you will have breakfast. Almaty city tour, including 28 parks Panfilovtzev, Zenkov Cathedral, Museum of musical instruments, Republic Square, Central Mosque. Excursion to Kok-Tobe mountain where the television tower. In the evening transfer to airport for flight to Aktau.
2. We start trekking round to Aktau. Spend the hotel deal. Aktau city tour called "Sea Capital of Kazakhstan" (h 3-4), visit the History Museum, Picture Gallery, etc. Return to hotel.
3. The day begins with trekking to Karagiye gap (320 km). In the eastern part of Mangystau plateau at 50 km from Aktau, one of the world's deep emptiness, emptiness Karagiye, streches from the Northwest on the Southeast, which makes 40 km in length and 10 km in width. "Karagiye" - a Turkish word and in translation means "a black jaw."
4. Trekking makes a trip to this cemetery and canyon Султана 6-EPE. During this round of a trekking you will hear the history of Muslim doctrine and visit some graves that are centuries No. IX-СИЦЗЯНА era.
5. The day begins with stone trekking in these areas. They - the final round mineral formations filled with certain energy which is investigated by scientists. Make a trekking trip in Aktau. Your night is organized in the hotel.
6. One morning. Makes a whole day trekking trip to Laggon blue - the shores of the Caspian Sea.
In a way the group will have a Koskuduk stands trekking to ancient settlement that are 4000 years. Rest. Лов fish swimming. Return to Aktau.
7. We finish the round flight from Almaty to Aktau in the morning. On arrival in Almaty - making purchases in the central market, also have another festive dinner. Your night is organized in the hotel.
8. Our guide will accompany you to the airport. 


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