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Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 07
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 8 days

1. Arrival in Almaty, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel for accommodation. Rest. Biking to Medeo (1691m), lunch at the restaurant "Kazakh aul" where the Kazakh national cuisine is served. Biking back to Almaty. Your overnight is organized in the hotel.
2. We begin our tour trekking tour to the valley and beyond Turgen in Bata village (1800m, 20 km). Lunch. Your overnight is organized in tents.
3. The day begins with a trekking tour on Assy Pass (2650m), after the bank of the river to move Assy Alabaital pass, trekking tours of Sarybulak throat. Trekking tour along the road Sarytau village at the mouth of the river trekking Zhinishke. Lunch. Your overnight is organized in Zhinishke River Valley in tents.
4. The day begins with trekking tours to Chilik River, in the way of passing villages such as Algabas, Zhanatalap and Karabulak of Satya and Kolsay Lakes. Lunch. Your overnight is organized in tents.
5. The day begins with trekking tours Kensu River, on the road over the river canyon Chet-Merk, who is one of the most scenic places in Kazakhstan. Lunch. Your overnight is organized in tents in the neighborhood of the village Kensu.
6. The day begins with a trekking tour to Charyn Canyon which is considered to be the second largest in the world after the famous one in America Colorado. Lunch. Your overnight is organized in the nozzle Korytogay tents.
7. We end our tour in the valley trekking tour to the castles - rocks that recall the ancient castles in Charyn Canyon. Trekking tours. Transfer to Almaty by bus. Accommodation in hotel, sauna, dinner gala. Your overnight is organized in the hotel.
8. Our guide will accompany you to the airport. 


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Biking and hiking in Kazakhstan

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Kazakh cuisine
In the Kazakh national cuisine, as in a mirror, reflected the soul of the people, its history, customs and traditions.
It has long been the most distinctive feature of the Kazakh people was their hospitality. Dear visitor warmly greeted, seated at the place of honor, offered the best that was in the house.
The first guest was served mare, shubat or Ira, then - tea with milk or cream, baursaks, raisins, irimshik, kurt. This was followed by refreshments from the horse or lamb - kazi, shuzhuk, stings, Multiplying, sur-em, a card kabyrga. On every table must have been made of wheat flour tortillas.
Decoration of any dastarkhan and the most favorite dish of Kazakhs has always been the meat in Kazakh. Boiled meat was served obyachno nerazdelannymi large chunks. The owner cut the meat, treating each guest tidbits: pelvic bone and tibia gave honorable elders, bacon - or the daughter-in-law, cervical vertebra - to girls, etc. Himself the owner presents to the guest of honor cooked sheep's head in a special way. Guest was divided between the front of the head, following a certain ritual, which suffered from the ancient custom of respect for the guests, the elderly, children, friends and distant relatives.
Flavorful meat is eaten with boiled and thinly rolled pieces of dough. The perfect complement to the dish is full of flavorful broth - sorpa, who usually served in a bowl. At the end of the meal is served mare, for which again follows the tea.
Nowadays, in many ways changed the meal form, but has not lost the ancient laws of hospitality. On the contrary, the boundaries of his parted: for today's dastarkhan collected not only Kazakhs but also visitors who live in large multi-national republic - Russian, Tatars, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, Uighurs, Dungan, Korean ...
Having lived close to Kazakhs than a decade, through a mix of grief, joy, and bread, the fraternal peoples could not have an impact on culinary skills, life and culture of the Kazakh people, while borrowing the best of its culture and way of life.
Modern Kazakh cuisine includes not only traditional Kazakh dish, but the favorite dishes of Uzbek, Uighur, Russian, Tatar, Korean and other cuisines. That is why in modern Kazakh cuisine while maintaining a purely national features is easy to see international lines.
Changed in many ways a set of products from which food is prepared today.
If a long history of Kazakh people has accumulated extensive experience handling and cooking of meat and dairy products, then modern life has expanded this assortment of dishes made from vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, baked, pastry and sweets.

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