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Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 08
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 13 days

1. Almaty flights and hotel accommodation, then you will have lunch. Turgen Valley Coach car (1.5 hours). Biking the Bata village (1800 m, 20 km). In the evening you will have dinner. Sleep in tents.
2. This day is for trekking tours in Assy Pass (2650 m), Assy River (2220 m, 44 km, 6-8 hours). Sleep in tents.
3. The morning. Trekking tours in Bartogai Pass (2000 m), Sarybulak River (1360 m, 42 km, 6 hours). In the evening you will have dinner. Sleep in tents.
4. Trekking tour in the village through Sarytau Sarytau Pass (2010 m), Zhinishek river, Kolsay Lake (65 km, 6 hours). Sleep in tents.
5. This day is for trekking tours Chilik River (1340 m), Karabulak village (1570 m), Zhalanash village (1770 m), Chet-Merk river, the river Kensu (1900 m, 43 km, 7-8 hours). In the evening you will have dinner. Sleep in tents.
6. The morning. Trekking tours in Karkara (2300 m, 82 km, 8-10 hours). Box lunch, hot dinner, overnight in tents.
7. Trekking tours in Mingtur Pass (3300 m), Sarydjas river, after crossing Eshkilitash (2900 m, 70 km, 8-9 hours). Sleep in tents.
8. This day is for trekking tours Ottuk River, Chon Ashu Pass (3820 m), Turgen Aksu River, Kokkia village (2850 m, 70 km, 8-9 hours). Box lunch, hot Donner, overnight in tents.
9. This day is for trekking tours in the town of Karakol (1800 m), Tyup village, village Akbulak (120 km, 6-9 hours). Sleep in tents.
10. The morning. Bozteri trekking tours in the village (1700 m, 90 km, hours 3-4). In the evening you will have dinner. Sleep in the sanatorium.
11. This day is for trekking tour in Almaty by coach (600 km, 10 hours). Sleep in a hotel in Almaty.
12. The morning. Almaty city tour. Including a visit to the park Panfilovtzev 28, Zenkov cathedral, the Museum of Musical Instruments, Republic square, Medeo skating rink. Lunch in national restaurant "Kazakh aul" in Medeo. Kok-Tobe visit to the mountain, where the TV tower is located. Gala Dinner. Sleep in the hotel.
13. By the time of your departure record your guide will meet you at a hotel and you participate at the airport. 


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