Travel to Silk Road countries

Central Asian countries are still unknown and undiscovered parts of the world. This is a deep well where a combination of antiquities, modern life and special spirit is hidden. We invite you to start your own tour adventure in these amazing countries! You will travel along The Great Silk Road! 


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Kyrgyzstan is a corner of paradise for everyone loving nature and variety of landscapes, authenticity and exceptional hospitality! Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Jeti Oguz, Kel Suu, Tash Rabat, Arslanbob, Osh - you can take a car for rent and be sure, you won't find any similar places! 

Kazakhstan will amaze you with huge valleys and steppes, Singing Dune and Kolsai lakes, Charyn and Issyk lake, Almaty and Nur-Sultan...There is always something that will surprise you!

Turkmenistan is worth to visit at least because of "Door of Hell" - Darwaza. But Ancient Merv, Kunya Urgench, Kow Ata, Yangikala and Marble city Ashgabat won't leave you indifferent though.

Tajikistan Pamir mountains, 7 lakes, Iskanderkul, Penjikent, Khudjand are the tour destinations to visit and see with own eyes. Our cars for rent will help you to have an incredible travel in this country! Tajikistan is called as Roof of the World. During the tour you will understand why! 

Uzbekistan has the atmosphere of ancient Silk Road times, you will be amazed by blue minarets, mosques and mausoleums, you will love their fine work and elegance, famous pilaf and samsa!

Tajikistan      Kyrgyzstan

Uzbekistan      Kazakhstan


So it can't be denied that each of Central Asian countries represents a perfect tour destination itself but even better in combination. On this website you can find many interesting facts about them and decide which tour program you prefer. Take a car for rent and we will help you to design a tour program that you will certainly fall in love! Write us to get the tour you were dreaming about!

Welcome to the tour of your dream in Central Asia!

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