About us

About us


The team of our company is glad to present the service of the high level in the sphere of tourism in Kyrgyzstan. We work hard to meet all of the expectations of our dearest guests and tend to provide the greatest service of customized tours, tour packages, transfers, and help in booking of rooms in the hotels.

Since 1997, the group of high-professionals has been working for the pleasure in the eyes of boarders.

Very often clients have questions about tours, and most of them are alike, so we have decided to outline main facts of our work:

  • Assistants, professional guides are going side by side all along the trip, and they are the locals, so the country is well-known to them.
  • The trip will be unforgettable, indescribable and surely spellbinding, as this is the main principle of our work.
  • Coming here with our company everyone will surely get the experience of the real nomads, so that everyone will be able to live the life of the real nomads.
  • The highly experienced guides and managers, drivers are members of our company.
  • Clients coming to travel in Kyrgyzstan on behalf of our team will get complete care, trust and of course they can rely on us in order to feel comfortable here.

Guides: As for the people, who will show you Kyrgyzstan during the tours, guides have a great experience in wandering around the country, they are aware of the history, legends and myths and of course they are ready to show closer the true love of the nomadic people. Guides are hospitable, friendly, they care about the clients. The guides of our company have skills and knowledge in such languages as English, Russian, German, France, Korean and Japanese.

Drivers: Drivers are highly-experienced, they are aware of the work in engine and of course in any vehicle. They are ready to drive you to the remote places of the country, as the sites and locations connected with history and culture are in their mind forever. Telling about us we want to write that in Kyrgyzstan we have very reliable drivers. Theu will make your tour amazing.

Why is it important to travel with us?

  • Value - we provide reasonable prices, quick answer on requests, departure of small groups upon the need, as well as comfortable program design, free independent vacationer.
  • Service performance - clients get the great and in-time preparation of the tour, persistent link with managers via e-mail.
  • Experience - we provide reliable and excellent team, highly-professional managers and all the members of the team
  • Safety & Security - the managers of the team are high professionals and they are always ready to answer your request, there is a constant connection with the main office of the company, the reports from the sites of the trip program are sent.
  • Accountability - we are aware of the fact that in our sphere of services it is important to follow all the needs of the vacationers despite the fact of them being the locals or overseers. The locals are usually involved in the process of the work as they are aware of all the hidden and secret sites of interest.
  • Journey and opportunities - travelling with our company the clients get the welcoming team, the opportunity to choose the adventures and various active/passive activities, the close communication with the local people, the life at the homestays and yurts for being able to immerse in the history of the nomadic people.

We make tours in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. With a long travel experience we provide reliable service in all "5 Stans". The main goal of our "Travel Experts" team is to give you the opportunity to wander here and be pleased with each moment of the trip along The Great Silk Road! We are eager to see you in the countries - there are a lot of surprises in the store!

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