About us

"The Great Silk Road" located in Bishkek, is a leading Kyrgyz tour operator base in Kyrgyzstan whose main focus is to provide unforgettable private custom tours to our customers including tour packages, customized trips, domestic transfers, hotel bookings, and sites.

Founded in 1997, "The Great Silk Road" is led by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality service.

  • We involve local nomadic worker assistants in our trip and tourism development
  • We provide an exciting, unusual and stirring experience trough adventure
  • We guarantee that you will experience real Kyrgyz Nomadic way of life
  • "The Great Silk Road" has the most experienced team of trained guides and drives
  • "The Great Silk Road"  delivers care, reliability and responsibility you expect

It is the company with investment of Kyrgyzstan for 100%.

Guides: They have a higher knowledge of every aspect about Kyrgyzstan history, nomadic civilization, custom, tradition, and nature memories. Also they are so friendly and have appropriate knowledge of English, Russian, Germany, France, Korean and Japanese languages.

Drivers: They travel around Kyrgyzstan for many years, and have practice and also high knowledge about motor vehicular and location of memories of history and culture.

Why Travel With "The Great Silk Road"?

  • Value - flexible program designing, available FIT and small group departures on request, competitive prices
  • Service quality - well planning and excellent pre-tour preparations, quick responding by e-mail
  • Experience - reputation for reliability and excellence, a team of experienced & practical staffs formed over the years
  • Safety & Security - on-tour care and supervision from the base office, safety awareness and trained staff, tour reports collected from the scheduled places
  • Responsibility - doing a business responsible for the needs of travelers as well as interest of local people, involvement of local experts and guides to benefit local businesses and family earnings
  • Adventure and opportunity - friendly team, opportunities for exceptional adventures, optional multi-sport activities, unique itineraries, maximum interaction with local people and families

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our fascinating trips soon in Kyrgyzstan!

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